Teens After God

Friday Nights from 6pm-8pm (September-June)

Our youth group at Frontline goes by T.A.G. because we want to teach our young adults to go after the person the Lord wants them to be, not who the world wants them to be!


Hang out, Play Games, Study God's Word and Connect in Small Groups! 

Our Small Group Bible study offers a safe place where you can get your questions answered. If a small group setting is new to you, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll be helping others find answers as well. As a small group, you can work together to research and find answers to questions that cannot be answered in your regular meeting times.  Aren't two, three or more heads better than one?

We invite teens from 6th - 12th grade to join us on Friday evenings from

6 - 8pm from September - June, the school year for food, games, Bible study, and new friendships! 

Contact us: tag@frontlinecommunity.org

Why we exist

"We will not hide these truths fr our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and mighty wonders". Psalm 78:4

Vision:  Transform, Equip, and Nurture a spiritual journey toward the one True God

Purpose:  Encourage the students to Glorify God by Loving Him and Serving Others


  • Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Strengthen the Youth's relationship with Christ
  • Address relevant issues facing Youth today
  • Foster Christian Fellowship

T.A.G.  Worship

TAG enjoys worshiping with their own youth band. For more information click here!