what to expect

Here's what you can expect from us at Frontline. Read on to find out the kind of church we are.

If you're planning to stop in at Frontline for the first time, you're probably wondering what you can expect.  We can answer that question partially, but there are always some good things God does every Sunday at Frontline that none of us could have expected!

So here's the part we have some control over: 

  • A Warm and Friendly Welcome: It's hard to remain anonymous at Frontline because we love people and that translates into a warm and friendly welcome to everyone who comes. 
  • Energetic Contemporary Music:  We love to sing and worship through music, so you'll find a great worship band playing songs you can sing.
  • A Relevant Message: The Bible is our guide for what we believe and how we live, so we like to discover on Sunday its relevant truth for our lives that will make a difference on Monday.
  • People Just Like You:  There are no pious saints here, just a diverse group of people like you who want to take their next step in knowing God and becoming more like his Son Jesus
  • JESUS!  Jesus is here every Sunday (He never misses!) and we promise  you'll bump into Him so you can experience His love and leave knowing that He is for you!
  • A Full House: Frontline is growing and there are many people who find their way to our Ramstein campus every Sunday. So we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early for the 10:00 am & 11:30 am services.  If you prefer smaller crowds, then you'll love the 8:30 am or 5:15 pm service. Plenty of free parking is available at Frontline in our lot and across the street in the Aldi lot.


We’re glad you’re taking a look at Frontline Community Church through our website. We’re even more stoked that you may stop by one of these Sundays. If that happens, we’d like to give you a heads-up as to what you can expect when you get here.

Putting it straight, you can expect a church where you’ll be welcomed warmly and accepted just as you are. Whether you’re a lifetime follower of Jesus Christ, a follower of a different religion, or a committed atheist who thinks we’re a bit misguided, you are welcome here.  You can expect a place where you will bump into Jesus (He's here every Sunday!) and discover who He is, how much he loves you, and the difference he can make in your life.

So, what kind of church are we that would lay those expectations before you? Well, we're glad you asked.

We Follow Jesus

We aren’t about creating a movement, attracting a crowd, or making headlines. We are simply followers of Jesus who are passionate about Him and want to learn what it means to us individually, as families and as a church to follow Him everyday in every area of life.

Worship God with Joy and Awe

Worship is about attributing worth to God and we like to do that to the best of our ability.  It means we celebrate God’s presence among us with authenticity and freedom.

Believe & Teach the Bible

We let God speak to us through His Word, the Bible.  It is our guide and authority for what we believe about Jesus, God, and the essential truths that really matter.  So, what the Bible teaches, we believe, and we seek to live it out in and through our lives, even when that is difficult or is contrary to our own opinions.

Be & Do What Jesus Said

We believe that Jesus wants to know us and calls us to be with Him. So that’s what we strive for…to BE the kind of people He wants us to be. Then, as an expression of who we are, we seek to do His work in the world by being His hands and feet to one another, our community, and wherever we go throughout the world.

Invite Others to Come and See

When people inquired of Jesus, who He was or what He was about, often his reply was simply, “Come and see.” So that’s what we do with our friends and family—we invite them to come and see what God is up to at Frontline so they can bump into Jesus, then we do our best to get out of His way so He can introduce Himself in the way He wants.


Here are some next steps you can take!

  1. Visit our Ministries tab for information about getting plugged in and serving.
  2. Check out our Life Group tab to join others in small group, home fellowships. 
  3. Visit our What's Happening? tab for the church calendar and upcoming events.
  4. Email our Connections Coordinator with any questions!

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