All three projects are beacons of God’s goodness within the community they serve. You can read more about The Alexanders’ and their work with Loma De Luz, Homburg Cancer Ward, and Heartbeat Crisis Pregnancy Center (HCPC) below. You can give in person, or online at our giving page here.

As a staff, we spent a considerable amount of time discussing our giving projects and how we will execute them. We desire to be generous while facing the reality that our church is not making budget and has had to curtail spending. Thus, we decided to give 10% of our December offerings to the Alexander’s and Homburg Cancer Ward projects as this would both accomplish generosity and good stewardship. We will be collecting EURO change for HCPC that you can deposit in a large baby bottle on the way into the church building. 

Our encouragement is this: That we all give above and beyond this season as a representation of His goodness.

  • Homburg Children's Cancer Ward

    Give Christmas gifts to the children of Holler Children's

    Over the past three years Ramstein City Council has sponsored annual charity events to benefit the Children’s Cancer Ward in Homburg (located less than 30km away). This year nearly all of those events have been canceled. Thus, Frontline is leading the charge to directly support these kids and their families financially. We want to offer real hope and show them they are loved, worthy, and not forgotten. We are also asking other local businesses to match our giving to make a lasting impact. You can visit their website hereYou can give in person, or online at our giving page here.

  • Loma de Luz Hospital

    Partner with our very own missionaries! David Alexander, a former member of Frontline, served at LRMC for 5 years as a general surgeon. In 2013 his family felt God’s call to use their medical training and education to serve the poor of Honduras. The Alexanders have been serving with Hospital Loma De Luz, a full-service Christian missionary hospital for the past 6 years. This year they’ve asked us to come alongside their orphanage, Sanctuary House to sponsor a few graduating high schoolers pursuing secondary education!  For more information on the mission at Loma de Luz, you can visit our Missions page and read about the Alexander family. You can give in person, or online at our giving page here.

  • Heartbeat Crisis Pregnancy Center

    For years Frontline has partnered with and even helped start the Heartbeat Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Ramstein. Please drop loose Euro coins into our bottle to support this local ministry. Their services include: advice & education, free pregnancy tests, material aid such as maternity & baby clothes and diapers, counseling including post abortion counseling, and adoption guidance. You can visit their website here. You can give in person by dropping loose euro coins into the large baby bottle in the café area.