• Loma de Luz Hospital

    Visit one of our Giving trees in the auditorium and pick up one of the designated Loma de Luz giving envelopes. All donations in these envelopes will go towards building women's hospital rooms at Loma de Luz. For more information on the mission at Loma de Luz, you can visit our Missions page and read about the Alexander family.

  • Heartbeat Crisis Pregnancy Center

    Pick up a baby bottle from one of our Giving Trees in the auditorium and fill it with your change (euros or dollars). Be sure to turn in your baby bottles (with the change you've collected) under the Giving Tree or at the Café by December 29th. This project funds Heartbeat Crisis Pregnancy Center, which supports women who find themselves in unexpected or crisis pregnancies. You can visit their website here.

  • Frontline Building Project

    We're expanding our building to accommodate our growth! Visit our Building Project tab for more information and for directions on how to give.