Ktown Campus

Services will start soon! Stay tuned for the announcement of our first service! 

For now, we're working on getting our location ready:

Merkurstraße 49


Germany, 67663

Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date info on how you can get involved in prayer or working on the building.

what's happening?

Frontline’s coming New Campus is a second location of Frontline Community Church. We’re the same dose of music, Bible, relationships, and Jesus as the Ramstein Campus, just in a different place. 

Three years ago, Frontline Community Church planted a church in Kaiserslautern to expand its work through the KMC. Today, our services are at capacity and the best way to create space is to start a new congregation!

The number one reason we’re doing this is to help others love God. This is part of the mission of our church and we want to continue to reach more people. Only about 5% of English speakers in the KMC attend church on Sunday. We exist to increase that number. 

Our major goal for fall of 2018 is to launch our Sunday service in November or December. Stay up-to-date with all our developments at our Facebook page or here on the website!