EQUIP young people to develop a REAL relationship with Christ.

ENCOURAGE uplifting and RELEVANT relationships with other believers.

EMPOWERING life changing RELATIONSHIPS with non-believers.


Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example

in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12

euroventure 2019

Euroventure is a youth camp for ages 12-19. Join youth from around Europe for spiritual growth, physical activity, fun and games, fellowship, and worship. This summer we will once again offer amazing activities including canyoning, a ropes course, and hiking in the awesome Swiss Alps. 

Pricing & Registrations

After 1 May: 295 EUR

After 1 June:  315 EUR

After 1 July:  335 EUR

Two or more family members attending save 20€ each.

Frontline Bus Fee: 50 EUR

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Owning Their Faith

What, exactly, does it look like for a teenager to own their faith? Well, we believe there are four things that both lead to, and are a result of, spiritual growth. We call these four things our four spiritual habits.


Taking A Step

Now, we say "takes a step" for a reason. It's because there's no finish line or certificate of completion when it comes to spiritual growth. Instead, spiritual growth is a journey (a life-long journey) and no two journeys are identical. That's why our big win doesn't have anything to do with a specific skill or achievement. Instead, we win anytime we see a teenager take a single step closer to owning their faith.

1. Spend Time With God

This is an obvious one, right? Sometimes it's the only spiritual habit we can name. After all, isn't "growing spiritual" synonymous with "spending time with God"? Well, not exactly, but it's still pretty important. After all, if teenagers are ever going to make their faith their own, they've got to start spending time with God on their own. It means opening the Bible on their own, having conversations with God on their own, and discovering how they best connect with God through worship on their own. 

2. Spend Time With Others

Engaging in healthy community can, and should, be a spiritual habit we help our students develop. But "healthy community" doesn't just mean hanging out with Christians, This spiritual habit is about growing in Christ like relationships with everyone. 

3. Use Their Gifts

Teenagers need to know that God made them unique, and special, and with really specific gifts, talents, passions, and resources. Then they need to use those gifts to love God, love others, and influence the world around them. Because when teenagers begin to discover who God made them to be, and then use their unique identity to love both God and others, they grow. 

4. Share Their Story

Teenagers need to learn how to talk about God. Sharing your story is the spiritual habit of making faith a regular, everyday , go-to topic of conversation in our lives. Because when we talk about God and His place in our story (or, more accurately, our place in His story), it helps us believe, helps us understand, and helps us take ownership of our own faith.


Hang out, play games, study God's Word and connect in Small Groups! 

Our Small Group Bible study offers a safe place where you can get your questions answered. If a small group setting is new to you, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll be helping others find answers as well. As a small group, you can work together to research and find answers to questions that cannot be answered in your regular meeting times.  Aren't two, three or more heads better than one?

We invite teens from 6th - 12th

grade to join us on Friday evenings from

6:30- 8:30pm during the school year (September - June)

for food, games, Bible study, and new friendships! 

Contact us: tag@frontlinecommunity.org

opportunities to serve

We have multiple positions available, contact our T.A.G. ministry leaders to join the team!

  • Small Group Mentor
  • Bible Study Mentor
  • Worship Mentor
  • Media Mentor
  • Games Coordinator
  • Concessions Coordinator
  • Hangout Leaders
  • Speakers
  • Event/Outreach Coordinator
  • Administrative Leaders

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