GAtherings at frontline

We look forward to your visit!

8:30, 10:00, 11:30 & 5:15PM

August-Sussdorf Strasse 8



At Frontline our order of service sometimes fluctuates, we have multiple teaching pastors, and rotating worship bands, but one thing that is consistent week after week, is our uncompromising values. Here's what you can expect:

Real: We're not here to put on a show and go through the motions. We want something more than a religious routine. We want and even expect an encounter with the living, active, real God every time we gather. Jesus is real. He is really present in our midst (even in this funky warehouse building) and he really wants to bring real change to our everyday life. 

Relational: Jesus didn't start a church by laying brick. He started a church by investing in people. Sundays at Frontline are awesome, but what's even more awesome, is our people meeting everyday throughout the week for Bibles studies, prayer, coffee, Life groups... The church has always been and will always be about a restoring relationship with God and with His people.

Relevant: At Frontline, you wont hear a bunch of religious jargon or cryptic hymns. We're talking about the everyday issues we face, and the real life God who walks with us through it all.  We believe that the God who created life, also knows the best way to live, so we unapologetically dig into God's word to discover real, practical, beautiful life!


What to wear: Please dress however you feel comfortable whether that be a polo and slacks, or a T-shirt and yoga pants. Some folks enjoy dressing up a little bit, and many people look forward to dressing down. So long as you wear something, we're stoked to have you join us!

What to bring: Most importantly, we want you to come with an expectation to encounter God. 

You're more than welcome to bring a Bible if you have one. If you don't have a Bible, we've got extras in english and German! Bring your family, or come with a friend. 

When you walk into frontline


Before you even arrive at Frontline, you'll be greeted by our enthusiastic parking team in Hi-Vis vests! Most of these team-members just wanted an excuse for a walkie-talkie but we can't blame them for having fun! They'll give you a friendly wave and help you find a parking spot either in our lot, or in the Aldi lot next door.


Next, you'll be directed towards an unassuming warehouse building. It may not be the prettiest on the outside, but inside is erupting with life! Inside you'll find a warm, inviting and energetic atmosphere and smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee. You'll be welcomed at the door with a bulletin and a smile by one our greeters. Don't worry no one's gonna ask you for a secret password, or force a hug on you. But we hope you can feel relaxed, and genuinely welcomed.


If you've got kids, you're in the right place! We'll give them high fives and help you check them into our awesome kids classrooms.  Our amazing crew isn't just about childcare, they want to help your kiddos discover the joyful journey of following Jesus. Our younger kids 0-3 meet in several classrooms at the front of our building, while our school age kids meet in the classrooms in the back. Our 4 and 5th graders also have a separate room to meet up and learn about God. Either way your little ones will be safe in age appropriate rooms where they'll do crafts, sing songs, have fun, and hear about Jesus. In the case that they need mom or dad to help out, we'll flash their individual code on the screen, but we guarantee they'll have a great time!

Family Room

If you've got really little ones and don't feel comfortable checking them in, no worries. If they get fussy we have a Family Room available where they can move around, and you can still enjoy the service via live feed.


Our services typically run an hour and 5 minutes. We have a great band that leads us through a few thought-provoking, heartfelt worship songs, followed by a practical and hopeful message from the Bible. During our time of worship you're free to lift your hands, get on your knees, close your eyes, or just remain seated and listen. During the message it's pretty common to hear people laugh, shout "amen", or even cry. We always talk about Jesus and how He can and wants to change our world. We'll throw scripture up on the screen, but you are also more than welcome to bring your Bible or take on of ours. We love this book! Finally we'll close the service with a time of prayer and musical worship! 

Don't worry—we don't pass an offering plate and we won't ask our visitors to stand up and introduce themselves... that's just awkward. We've got visitors every week (from all sorts of backgrounds) so you're not alone. In short, we're a diverse group of people trying to discover how Jesus can impact our lives, and our community. Whether you're just coming to ask questions and see what this is all about, or you've been following Jesus for years we believe God has something special for you!

When you walk out of Frontline

We hope you leave feeling encouraged and full of hope, and having begun some new friendships. Most of all, we want you to have had a genuine encounter with Jesus because He alone has the power to change lives; heal marriages, free addicts, restore hope, and offer freedom! He does this every week at Frontline on Sundays, but especially throughout the week within community in our Bible Studies, Life Groups, and other events and classes. So jump in, get involved, see how God might change your life!

To find out how to get involved at Frontline throughout the week, check out our Connect tab or our Calendar for what's happening day-by-day.