• Chris Opiela

    Executive Pastor

    Chris started at Frontline in July 2017. He and his wife Kelly met in grade school in Pennsylvania. They served together as missionaries for three years in East Asia prior to coming to Germany. Chris has a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. They love books, making memories through travel, and talking about Jesus with people who’ve never heard of Him. They have two daughters and one son.

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  • William Nockles

    Associate Pastor

    Will came to Frontline in May of 2018 after serving at a church plant in his home-town of Portland, Oregon for five years. He and his wife Annie met as high schoolers on a mission trip to Haiti. They love hiking, traveling, hosting people, and singing with their three little boys. Though Will's time in ministry has been primarily as a worship leader, he majored in preaching at Boise Bible College. He loves communicating whether that be in writing, from the stage, or his favorite, one-on-one conversations over coffee.

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  • Dondria Wallace

    Women's Ministry Director

    Dondria is very excited to serve as Women’s Ministry Director as of June 2018.  She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she met her husband of 24 years, Lloyd Malone. Lloyd and Dondria have four teenagers who keep them on their toes! Their family is a “nerdy” bunch who loves to talk about technology. She is a graduate of Texas A&M, with a Bachelors Degree in engineering technology. Dondria is also a breast cancer survivor who enjoys sharing stories about God’s faithfulness throughout her journey. Her hobbies include jewelry making, adult coloring books, card making and eating new foods. 

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  • Chris Arbona

    Ministry Pastor

    Chris feels honored to serve as the Ministry Pastor. He is originally from NYC, but moved to Southern California by age 10. He joined the United States Air Force at age 18, and is now retired and an empty-nester with his wife Lourdes. They love God, family, and community. Their youngest is currently in college with the oldest two starting their families. The Arbona’s will be welcoming their first grandchild summer 2022! Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education Studies and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling. He joined Frontline in 2018 and has been an Elder since 2021. Overall, he and his wife enjoy laughing, traveling, and helping others.

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  • Jana Blount

    Administrative Assistant

    Jana is very excited to serve as Frontline’s Administrative Assistant. She is originally from Heilbronn, Germany. She and her husband David love studying the Word and worshiping together with their little daughter Soraya. Jana has her Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies, Philosophy, and Religion and her Master’s in Media, Ethics, and Religion. As a trained journalist she enjoys writing, talking, and listening to people. In her free time Jana likes to play volleyball and drums. 

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  • Mark June


    Mark is very excited to be Frontline's bookkeeper. Mark, along with his wife, Susana, and daughters have lived in Germany since August of 2021. He grew up in Washington State, but calls Albuquerque, New Mexico home. When Mark is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, helping others, cooking, playing board games, watching football, going on walks, exercising, and exploring Europe. He is a veteran of the USAF and has a bachelor's degree in business administration. His main goal as a bookkeeper is to maintain all key accounts and support the organization to the best of his ability, with a primary focus on God and organizational health. Mark enjoys serving others and loves the Lord with all his heart and soul. Mark is honored and privileged to work at Frontline.  

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  • Valeria Sarria

    Creative Content Coordinator

    Valeria is very excited to be the Creative Content Coordinator. She is originally from Colombia and raised in Florida. She is currently attending Florida International University for her bachelor's in Fine Arts. Her passion is graphic design and social media. Creativity excites her, she can create graphics all day and never get tired of it. Her main goal is to create content that will help others know God more. Seeing others grow in God and realize their potential warms her heart. Valeria loves to spend time with her family, reading, baking, and going on fun adventures. 

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  • Peter Mesaeel

    Audio Technician

    Peter and his family have been a part of Frontline for 7 years. They moved to Germany from Egypt, and they love serving the Lord, whenever and however they can. When he’s not mixing sound at the church, or helping his dad in their tech shop, you can find him recording worship songs at his small home studio. He loves playing any instrument but is especially passionate on the drums. He has been studying music production courses online from Berklee College of Music. Peter’s dream is to become a music producer. 

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  • Jocelynn Stroud

    Nursery and Youth Ministry Coordinator

    Jocelynn loves kids of all ages and is passionate about showing them the love of Christ! She serves as our 9am Nursery Coordinator as well as Sunday nights, as our Youth Ministry Coordinator. Originally from Texas but she calls Alabama Home (Roll Tide!) She moved to Germany in 2019 with her husband Dakota. Jocelynn believes that God has called her to work with students and is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. As a teacher she feels she will have a unique opportunity to show God’s love to her students. Together Jocelynn and Dakota enjoy exercise, traveling and exploring the beautiful world around them.

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  • Stephanie Abel

    Frontline Kids Curriculum Coordinator

    It is with great excitement that Stephanie joins the Frontline team. Although Stephanie and her family have lived overseas since 2011, Stephanie calls Mississippi home and misses home so much! Stephanie's family is her rock, and she couldn't survive without them. Stephanie is married to her best friend, Tamas, and they have two children, a son born in 2015 and a daughter born in 2017. Stephanie says she has a huge heart and is most happy when she is helping others. 

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  • Jessica González

    Frontline Kids Nursery Coordinator

     Jessica is excited to be part of the FC Kids Ministry as the 11am Nursery Coordinator since May 2021. She has been blessed to travel the world along side her husband and her 3 wonderful children. She has experienced many cultures and has met so many amazing people. Serving in different church ministries has brought her great growth and value. Jessica loves to spend time with her family, reading, traveling, gardening and her quiet time with the Lord. 

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  • Caitlyn Chase

    Frontline Kids School Age Coordinator

    Caitlyn is very excited to join the Children’s Ministry team as the 11am School Aged Coordinator. She is extremely passionate about helping children grow into the best versions of themselves and truly believes that guiding their spiritual growth is one of the most impactful ways to help them develop. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Education from U.C. Davis and is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Liberty University. She grew up in a small town in Northern California, which is where she discovered her love for agriculture, helping others, and God. Caitlyn met her husband Cory while line dancing. They got married in January 2020 and moved to Germany in August 2020. They love line dancing, playing board games, and spending time exploring outdoors. 

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  • Nicole Morris

    Frontline Kids School Age Coordinator

    Nicole is happy to be serving as the 9AM school aged Coordinator at Frontline. She moved to Germany in August 2021 and is excited to travel in Europe. She calls Arizona home, but is happy to roam where the Lord leads. She met her husband, Alex, in high school and they have three children together, a girl and 2 boys. As a family they love to watch movies, play board games, or be outside hiking or riding bikes. Nicole loves drawing, reading, and Crossfit. 

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