About us

Our Mission: 

Love God,
Love People,
Make Disciples

We love God, who first loved us and generously gave His very life to turn our wayward hearts towards Him!
We love people, who bear His image, out of the overflow of His great love for us!
and we make disciples, teaching others about the inexhaustible riches found in life with Christ.

At Frontline, we are committed to sharing the Gospel (good news about what Jesus has done) with anyone looking for good news! We believe this news empowers us to have peace with God and be transformed by His Spirit to live for His purposes and experience His joy, peace, hope, and everlasting love!  

Our Story:

Frontline Community Church began in 2004, when Chief Master Sergeant Darryl Evetts took a step of faith and asked the owners of this humble warehouse if he could “rent” their back room (free of charge) in order to share the gospel with a handful of other American military families. To his amazement the owners agreed and God has been doing miracles in this building ever since.

Over the years (and many PCS seasons) Frontline has grown and changed.  We have rejoiced as many have placed their faith in Christ, and taken next steps as His disciples. God has also welcomed many German nationals who help comprise a diverse church on mission together!

Our hope is that everyone we encounter would feel welcomed, know they are loved, hear about what Jesus has done, See His Spirit at work, and be moved to take their next step of faith (whether that be to start a conversation, open the Bible, join a "life group", seek freedom from a particular sin,  or volunteer to serve others in some capacity...

Our Ambition:
Over the course of 3 years Jesus performed many miracles, healed many sicknesses, rid people of demonic oppression, and powerfully revealed the Scripture, but the bulk of that time was spent investing in 12 ordinary men, knowing these disciples would radically change the whole world.

Likewise, regardless of someone's length of time at Frontline, we believe transformation is not only possible, but to be expected. Our role and ambition is to equip you to grow in wisdom and knowledge, character and faith, and most importantly love for God and His people that you might also change the world, as His disciples!

a disciple is: a committed follower of Jesus being transformed to worship, serve, and share him.

This is what we are all about!

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