About us

Our Passion:
At Frontline, we are committed to reaching those far from Jesus, and teaching His followers what it looks like to live the gospel in a way that not only transforms us, but our households, and neighborhoods, our villages and beyond.

Our Story:

Frontline Community Church began in 2004, when pastor Darryl an officer in the United States Airforce took a crazy step of faith and asked a warehouse if he could “rent” their back room (free of charge) in order to share the gospel with a handful of other American military families. At the time this warehouse was used as a car dealership in the front and a frame shop in the back. To his amazement the owners agreed, (which was a huge relief considering this was the only location in Ramstein, big enough for a church to meet). Over the next decade the church outgrew that room and the rest of the building, so they started a second service. By God’s grace, their finances also grew allowing them to pay rent, and begin building a staff team.

Once Darryl moved back to the states, he was succeeded by Pastor Gary who, continued to grow that team, began a third service, and oversaw many new ministries, all while the church continued to grow rapidly. We also saw that Frontline was no longer an “American” church. God was stirring the hearts of local Germans to seek after Christ within our community.  

In 2019 Gary transitioned into retirement and invited Pastor Jon to replace him and lead the church through a period of explosive growth. By the end of 2020, four Sunday services and a staff of 20 people were not enough to seat over 1200 adults, and 300 some kids each weekend! God was working undeniably in the saving of souls, the healing of marriages, and life transformation!

Naturally, Frontline’s reputation was beginning to spread. After being approached by the former furniture store next door, Frontline in partnership with them, began the process of re-zoning the space as a multi-purpose building. This additional building will allow us to remove a wall, shift our children’s classrooms, and increase the capacity of our worship center by another 50%!

Of course the global pandemic has interrupted these plans, and many of our ministries, forcing us to adapt and evaluate, but our vision remains the same and our passion persists. We are a church for the unchurched, the de-churched, and anyone who wants to experience the healing presence of Jesus, the power of His Spirit, and the depths of His transforming Word!

We have a heart for Americans, Germans, and anyone who is seeking a community of hope and healing, and a faith that is tangible and transformative. We are beyond excited for what is in store for us, as we continue to
reach those far from Jesus, and teach the gospel which is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes (Rom 1:16)!

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