Give Financially

Of course much help is limited to specific geographic locations and many specific items need to be purchased new.
Your financial donations go towards a variety of humanitarian needs including housing, food distribution, transportation, supplies, medication, etc. Here are a few partners you can give to/through:

  • European Baptist Federation

    You can give via multiple currencies to the EBF who is equipping and supplying churches in Ukraine providing shelter and distributing items to meet the needs of internally displaced people in the region.

  • Elim Christian Center

    This Christian resource center and orphanage in Poland is housing many refugees. Help them meet the need of the influx of people seeking refuge on their campus.


    Give towards this missional agency that is instrumental in meeting humanitarian and spiritual needs at multiple refugee camps throughout Europe. They are also providing essential service and support to the influx of Ukrainians who have fled to Romania. 

  • IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services)

    IDES is working with partners in and around Ukraine to distribute food, and supplies. You can  partner in their efforts and give via USD.