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  • Baumholder Life Group - Valdez Family

    Jessica and Victor have been married for 22 years and are a family of four. They have two daughters Danyel Valdez and Gabriella Valdez. The Valdez family love Christ and want to grow their faith with anyone that wants to do the same in this life group. They love to travel to different locations in Europe as a family. They have a cat (Mieso) and a dog (Justin); and they will not be roaming the house while our life group convenes. This life group has Childcare set up and the cost will be split by the families that use the service. The Valdez family has resided in Germany since 2015. Jessica is a Kindergarten Teacher in Baumholder and Victor works as a GS employee. Our start of this Baumholder life group will be 25 April 2024. We will meet on Thursday evenings 1800-2000. Click here to sign up!

  • Vogelweh Life Group | David & Heather Miller

    Vogelweh Life Group, led by David and Heather Miller, is focused on building Christ-centered community through discipleship, social events, video seminars, study groups, Bible research, and small group discussion.Vision: To be a Biblically centered community of believers that are true and authentic in living out God’s Word while proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.We have been married for 15 years, have two boys in an online elementary school, and a medium sized dog that loves to cuddle. We are nested in the Vogelweh community and there are plenty of playgrounds, an open backyard and upstairs available for children. Kids are welcome above the age of six and teens are welcome to participate in the study at the parents’ discretion. If you have a child that is younger, please let us know.The group meets at 1800 for a potluck style meal due to the size of the families. By 1845, we open with prayer for a Bible centered study. We will conclude with the sharing of needs, concerns, celebrations, and prayer by around 2000 or as discussions warrant. 

    Click here to sign up!

  • Morlautern Life Group 2 | The Colemans

    Hello! We are the Colemans family, we are a military family of 4, with 2 kiddos aged 4 and almost 2. This is the second life group we've led, and we love finding folks to do life with! Our group meets Fridays from 5 to 7 pm, where we share a potluck style meal and then dive into a study series that we'll pick as a group to get after things that everyone feels will benefit us the most. We welcome kids, and as a new group we'll discuss childcare as a group (if we need to hire childcare, we'll all split the cost.) But we have a fun, safe space, for littles down to about 18 months. (For allergen purposes, we have 2 cats, though they're pretty skittish so you're not likely to ever see them.)We will primarily do studies that focus on marriage and parenting, but we're open to other topics as the Spirit leads. We do shorter studies, lasting 4-8 weeks each, to allow maximum flexibility for those who might not be able to make it for a bit. We'll also plan men's and women's nights during group time periodically. Come join us and get to know God and each other more deeply! 

    Click here to sign up!

  • Hohenecken Life Group | 

    We are a group of young adults looking to build intimate relationships with each other as we grow closer to Jesus. We will be meeting on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 9pm in Hohenecken to worship, fellowship and snack together. Our focus during the Easter Season is to learn and practice prayer by looking at the book of Psalms. There will be no formal dinner or childcare. You can bring your pets, even though we have none. 

    Click here to sign up! 

  • Schönenberg-Kübelberg Life Group | Holger & Conni

    This is a German speaking group, but English speakers are welcomed.
    Willkommen zu unserem Hauskreis in Schönenberg-Kübelberg!

    Wir treffen uns jeden Dienstag von 19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr, um gemeinsam in der Bibel zu lesen und zu verstehen, was Gott uns persönlich zu sagen hat. Wir lieben es, gemeinsam Musik zu machen und Gott mit unseren Stimmen und Instrumenten zu loben. Wir beten, lachen und weinen zusammen. Wir, das sind: junge Erwachsene und älter (Babysitting wird nicht angeboten). 

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  • Steinwenden Life Group | Peter & Heidi

    This group is adults only and our primary goal, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is to establish and sustain a safe community space where members can learn, grow, share and support each other in living a Gospel & Christ centered life. Click to sign up!

  • Weilerbach Life Group 1 | Dillon and Meredith Carpenter

    Hello! We're a family of four from Arizona.
    Our goal is to be an intimate group of people who do life together, sharing in blessings and difficulties with love and generosity. We do our best to be honest and open with each other, which helps us to love one another as God loves us.
    We want to grow disciples who can start or lead groups of their own. We want to be servants of Christ who serve others. We want to grow closer to God with each other.

    We start by sharing a meal together each week, with each member/family of the group contributing a main dish, side dish, or dessert.
    Our group mostly consists of families with small kids (ages 0-7). We typically provide childcare each week, splitting the cost among those utilizing the care.
    After our meal, we'll go through questions based on the Sunday sermon or another curriculum. Men's and Ladies nights are scheduled periodically during group time. Click here to sign up!

  • Weilerbach Life Group 2 | Abigail and Brandon Pfister

    Howdy, Abigail and Brandon here! We are a Joint Spouse couple (USAF) originally from Florida. We chose to take over Haley and Nolan Ripple’s life group to maintain the beautiful fellowship we have developed with young, God-fearing couple. Within our group we are tight-knit, vulnerable to one another, but love sharpening iron with each other every chance we get.
    We are growing as disciples and leaders ourselves, but our primary goals are to inspire new leaders within the Church, serve Christ by leading/hosting others weekly and to grow our connection with Christ.
    Our life group philosophy is straight forward. We break bread together between 1900-1945L and then participate in guided discussions of multiple varieties. We usually use Right Now Media to focus our lessons along a common theme. We typically wrap around 2100-2130L.
    Our fellowship consists of younger adults who are single, dating, or married. We do not have childcare setup for this life group. We also have two feline family members that actively roam the house during session. Click here to sign up!

  • Schwedelbach Life Group | Jennifer & Mason

    Our goal is to encourage and foster a community of people who love the Lord. We hope that through study, prayer, and fellowship, we can equip each other to express our love of the Lord and to bless others through how we live our lives. Our group is open to singles, young couples, and families; however, at this time, we don’t have child care available. We kindly ask that all members be able to focus on group study with limited distractions following mealtime fellowship. 

    Each meeting will begin with a light potluck meal. Please note, for allergen purposes, we have 2 Shiba Inu dogs. Click here to sign up!

  • Kindsbach Life Group | Alyssa & Steve

    Our life group is a place where couples and young families gather and connect over a delicious (and often homemade) dessert!  We have real conversations about very real things going on in our lives and we encourage one another to live out scriptures like 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  *Closed*

  • Schwedelbach Life Group | David & Nichole

    Hello from the Famila Jimenez! We welcome you to our life group. It is our goal to grow in the word of God and build relationships. We envision a group where we can come together with open hearts so we can learn and be there for each other. We would like to go on this journey /adventure and live life with you as a brother and sister in Christ! Our Life group takes place every Thursday from 1800-2000. We are a military family of 4 with two teens ages 13 and 14 living in Schwedelbach. No  child care is provided but older children who do not require direct supervision are welcome to hang out with our kiddos. We value a distraction free environment. We will have a potluck style dinner together. We will discuss prayer requests and praise reports. Then dive into our Devotional curriculum that we have a group will choose together! *Closed*


  • Spesbach Life Group | Ryan and Kathryn

    We have a heart for bringing believers together around the dinner table, for food, deep fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Our aim is to have a small group of people who go through life together with Jesus as our focus and pray intently for one another.Our family consists of two school-aged children and a small dog. We usually have a sitter who watches the kids and parents contribute to the “sitter-fund” who utilize the service.Every Thursday evening from 1800-2030, we will have a potluck dinner, a Jesus centered study, and focused prayer time where we can share our struggles and celebrate victories together. *Closed*

  • Morlautern Life Group | Lee & Sarah

    We are a family of five living in the Kaiserslautern area. Our life group is open to families and singles and we meet weekly to fellowship, study God's Word and pray for one another. The vision for our group is simple: a Christian community that aims to love God and love one another as Jesus commanded.

    We have a big playroom and several teenagers who can keep an eye on the kids. We also have a large playpen for babies upstairs with us, but most of all we want you to feel comfortable joining us as a family!

    We meet Wednesday's from 6-8. *Closed*

  • Ramstein Village Life Group | Wesley & Yumi

    Let’s Do Life Together! Each Wednesday from 1830-2030 we will gather and dive into a study via RightNow media. The discussion will be amazing and you’ll get to hear various perspectives and see things from a different lens. We will always have a quirky ice breaker to get to know each other better and will start with prayer requests and praise reports. 
    Meals will be provided once a month and the hope is that each person in the group will contribute to a meal or two over the course of the study. We will also have a couple of FUN nights throughout the time we are together. The group will conclude just before Christmas break and pick back up again in late January. *Closed*

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  • Kottweiler-Schwanden Life Group | Cody & Taylor

    Our group exists to provide community and gospel truth. We meet, pray, and study God's word so that we are each equipped to live a life following after Jesus. We share each other's burdens and celebrate the victories in our lives. This is the family we have created while being so far from home. The Lord has blessed us with a committed group of members, and we are full for the foreseeable future. 
    Paid Childcare is available (attendees pay hired childcare workers for the evening and split the cost amongst themselves).
    The Kottweiler-Schwanden group meets on Wednesdays at from 6pm-8pm. *Closed*

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  • Community Facebook Page

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  • Women's Ministry Facebook Page

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Bible Study

These seasonal bible studies also meet within the context of small groups. We have groups for Men, Women as well as youth.

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