We understand that life can be tough. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is others who can help us

see and navigate our circumstances. Counselors are specifically trained and equipped to partner with us during

seasons of difficulty, transition, loss, or preparation. Read about our partnership with Dr. Michelle Ferrell below

or contact us to learn about other counseling options.

Dr.  Michelle Ferrell

To better serve our counseling needs, we’ve partnered with Dr. Michelle Ferrell, a US licensed clinical psychologist with a practice here in Germany. Though not an official ministry of Frontline, she is a follower of Jesus with experience in counseling children, teens, and adults. She offers individual counseling, parent training, and couples counseling. Dr. Ferrell is utilizing Frontline's facility and offering her services at a reduced rate to anyone who attends Frontline (just let her know you go to Frontline). Check out her information, visit her website, or send her a direct email.

Email us for additional information or alternative counseling options.